Custom IFS steering conversion ...

An interesting solution to the problems encountered when turning up the torsion bars to gain clearance for bigger tires on Mitsubishi Monteros and Montero Sports. While most people are satisfied with 33" or smaller tires and limit the torsion bar adjustments to gains of three or four inches when 35's are in the works and you need all the ground clearance you can get problems arise (no pun intended!) that call for unconventional solutions!

Turning up the torsion bars for a couple inches of lift has become the accepted standard for gaining a simple three to four inches of extra height. And when limited to that steering geometry - while changed - is acceptable to most people. Generally everyone except the dealership mechanics.:-) Tie rod ends, pitman arm and idler arm still retain plenty of travel and wear and tear is not much worse then would be unlifted with off-road use. Adding manual locking hubs to the front so the front axles can be disengaged when not needed eliminates wear on the front half shafts when the hubs are disengaged. Which is 99% of the time for almost everyone.

Turning up the torsion bars until your A-arms are resting on already trimmed down bump stops is a different story. Binding and accelerated wear on the tie-rods is apparent as well as a definitely noticable change in vehicle steering. Manual locking hubs are mandatory as continued long term rotation of the half shafts would surely trash the boots if not the joints. Nothing unexpected at the angles being run but not acceptable for use nor particularly safe. The solution? New steering! Custom done by SpiderTrax here in Colorado for Colorado Sport's 1998 LS 3.0L automatic!