My Montero Sport - Part 1 ... '97-'98

This is my 1997 Mitsubishi Montero Sport LS. On the following pages is a collection of pics as well as commentary on the various stages of the build. Note that two shots show the Jaos mud guards while the other doesn't. The picture with the guards is with 31" Yokohama Geolander M/T tires while the picture without the guards shows the 33" Geolander M/T tires. The roof rack on is made by Garvin - the strongest rack I've seen so far. Of course, that's probably because its made out of steel and weights about 80 pounds in this configuration. Its very nice and it accomodates my Hi-Lift jack, IPF 110 watt lights, axe and shovel. Yes, I know. "What shovel?!??" Well, I've since gotten the dual clamps that allow me to put both my shovel and axe on the rack. You also get a good view of the new ARB winch bumper. Notice how little bumper is now in front of the tire! Way too cool! WISH you could see the manual locking hubs but they don't quite show up. I'll have to take a better picture. My Sport is currently running about 3" total of lift to accomodate the 33x12.5" Geolander M/Ts. I also have an ARB air-locker for the back and a SuperFlow exhaust neither of which are installed yet.

Take a look at the two engine bay pictures and you'll see the Optima dry cell battery that replaced the stock Mitsubishi wet cell and the QuickAir 1 on-board air compressor from Sun Performance. Sorry I don't have pictures of the tank and lines, too, but since the tank mounts under the back where the spare tire is usually located its kind of hard to shoot without having the truck on a rack. But, take my word for it, its there. I've since replaced the "red-top" Optima with the "blue-top" 1100 amp deep cycle version. And, before I forget you can see the K&N FIPK setup that has caused such an uproar on the Running Board on the old Montero Sport Garage web site.